History of Big Daddy's Cuisine

If music is the soul, then food is the heart of New Orleans - and like its music, its cuisine is just as diverse.

Historically, the fare has reflected an eclectic mix of authentic tastes, including French, Spanish, African, Creole and Cajun. Today, experimentation by young Louisiana chefs have led to Nouvelle Cajun and Creole cuisines keeping the New Orleans tradition of ever-evolving tastes alive and kicking.

Food is so central to the identity of New Orleans, there are even festivals dedicated to celebrating it all year round. The annual Jambalaya, Oyster and Crawfish Festivals combine the diverse culture, extraordinary music and some of the most mouth-watering soul food you can imagine. So it's no wonder folks believe there are just two times of day in Louisiana- mealtime and in between.

It’s no different here at Big Daddy’s. From our Lagniappes menu (that’s Cajun for “a little something extra”) to our Bourbon Street Bites menu (for a variety of big New Orleans tastes) we cook that Southern flavour and spirit into everything we do. So come on in and experience a taste of the French Quarter, we look forward to serving you!